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Stories My Nana Tells is going mobile – to go to the USA

This is part of the great adventure of Nana’s Walkabout. Finding new ways to stay in touch, keep up to date and accept the inevitable glitches and surprises that will come out of taking on the challenge. Who knows what exciting new stories we will have to share in Nana’s Blog! Continue reading

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My Kununurra Adventure

This is my first trip to Kununurra, in the North West of the Kimberleys in Western Australia, The adventure started as all adventures should – with a lot of hiccups. The five day 4WD safari from Kununurra to Broome was … Continue reading

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Nana’s Off To The Bungle Bungles

On Sunday, I am flying up to Kununurra for a few days and will be taking a trip over the Bungle Bungles.  Couldn’t organize a helicopter but a small aeroplane will do just as well.  A few years ago, I … Continue reading

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