Bungy Jump - Queenstown NZ

Stories My Nana Tells is a new family membership site that delivers proven, quality stories every two weeks, to engage children in a journey of discovery, fast learning and exploring new things.

Why A Red Helicopter? Because this Nana has lots of stories to tell and life is fast! So, jump aboard and come fly with us into a new and exciting world of Stories My Nana Tells.

Bungy jumping in New Zealand; Helicopter flights across icy mountains and rocky deserts; White water rafting in Bali and Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii – Nanas do it all, these days. Lesley Dewar writes stories to be enjoyed as both entertainment and with an eye to be educational, too. Travel, health, family, pets and quirky ideas make Stories My Nana Tells very engaging for the whole family.

Our stories range from the sublime to the ridiculous; from tragedy to the best of belly laughs and you will be tantalised and delighted by them. You can tell us about your Nana, too. We have wonderful photographs and illustrations to make them even more interesting – and we guarantee they will spark the curiosity of your children and grandchildren in nature, the environment and the world around them.

Light through a toadstool gills

Each story is around 1500 words, thoroughly researched and finished off with between 7 and 12 questions to encourage young readers to interact with the story. The photographs are carefully chosen to enhance the story and add to its appeal. Where a reliable source can be found, we also include direct links to other information on the internet. Stories My Nana Tells is an online Family Membership site, which will dispatch a new story every second week. Each subscribing family will be notified by email when the new story is ready.

Who subscribes for Stories My Nana Tells?

Our subscribers are parents, teachers, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Stories My Nana Tells is a great gift to share throughout the year with children aged 7 – 12 yrs old – or even younger. You might like to have the stories to read to your children, yourself. Or have an older brother or sister read them as part of a family activity. It will be easy to chat together about the story.

If you want your children and grandchildren to learn about quizzical and unusual things, this is the place to be! If you are a busy executive or travel a greal deal, they are a great connection between parent and child, as well as a fun learning experience.  We guarantee children will love them. 

You may be separated by distance and want the story to come “from you” as a way of generating and strengthening contact and your family relationship. It will help build a common link for telephone calls, visits and discussions. 

It’s simple and easy to share the stories, from anywhere  in the world, with a child you love. 

How much will subscribers pay for Stories My Nana Tells?

Children with Giant Python

Children with Giant Olive Python

Stories My Nana Tells is a Family Membership site, where a new story will be uploaded every second week – that’s twenty six stories each year.  Each Membership gets a personal notification when the new story is available. A full year’s subscription is only AU$264, paid through PayPal.

If your children are aged 7 – 12yo, these are the right kind of stories for them. They can join in the free activities on the Website, and try the sample stories, too.

Save money today with our special introductory rate of AU$132. That is a 50% discount, for a limited time only.  Subscribe For Stories My Nana Tells

Simply fly over on in the helicopter by clicking it with your cursor.

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